To energize high school students about engineering through a real world electric vehicle program.

Established seventeen years ago, the Electric Vehicle (EV) Challenge is an incredibly inspiring and high profile education program where high school students:

  • Build real, full-size plug-in electric vehicles.
  • Participate in a yearlong educational program and competition.
  • Learn numerous skills including: applied engineering and environmental science, electrical troubleshooting, public speaking, and community service.

The EV Challenge provides teachers with materials for a yearlong educational program including curriculum materials, seminars, a competition, and fundraising support.

The program is often a life-changer for students and has a significant positive impact on their experience of science and engineering. Recent research indicates that:

  • 84% of the students become more confident in their ability to learn science.
  • 68% of the students become higher performers in their science class.
  • 34% of the students are more likely to pursue a career in engineering.
  • 30% of the students are more likely to pursue a career in science.

The program is currently serving high schools in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, West Virginia, and Iowa and would like to grow to include a national reach.


The EV Challenge is led by:

Eric Ryan, Board Chairman
Ken Dulaney, Secretary
Heather Hildebrandt, Treasurer
Ewan Pritchard, Board Member
Steve Garrett, Executive Director
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